• Reporting News

    Do you have a story you'd like to submit for our chapter's website? We would love to publish any updates or stories that you have for everyone to see. Click Here to submit your story!

    Alumni Contact
    We are working on connecting better with our Alumni. To help us, please send us your contact info in the form below. (We plan on sharing this information privately between Alpha Lambda Alumni only.)

  • Not Four Years, For Life!
    Being a Lambda Chi doesn't mean your involvement with the chapter should end after you graduate from Elmhurst College. Staying in touch with the active brothers and participating in the alumni events are just some ways you can stay involved.

    Chicago Area Alumni Association
    Stay involved as a lifetime brother as a member of the Chicago Area Alumni Association. Over XX brothers live within a XX mile radius of Chicago and represent dozens of colleges and universities from around the country.

    Alumni Facebook Group
    Alumni wishing to reconnect with other graduates from Pi-Zeta Zeta are encouraged to like our page on Facebook. There you can stay connected with other Alumni Brothers and the Active chapter of Pi-Zeta.

    History of Our Chapter
    Learn more about the history of Pi-Zeta Zeta at Elmhurst College. Do you know something we don't know? Contact Us and tell us about it!

    Alumni Advisory Board
    The role of each member of the AAB is to assist the undergraduate officer in their position and provide a sense of continuity between the transition of undergraduate officers.


    Seeking your photos
    If you have any photos from your time on campus, or from a recent gathering of brothers, send them to <EMAIL ADDRESS>